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This is a big tour! are you ready to experience the Orca pods at Bremer bay? Every summer the Orca come to the Bremer canyon for a feeding event like no other. This tour gets us on the boat at 8 am to spend the day at sea where we will see not just the Orca but we could also see sharks, other whales and various seals and birdlife. We will depart Perth on day one to go to Albany, check in and have an early dinner. Day two we are up bright and early leaving the hotel at 5am to get to Bremer Bay and check in to the boat. After the tour we retuyrn to Alabany for dinner. Day three we will leave Albany after a quick visit to the Gap and Natural bridge.


We will be spending the two nights in Albany so we will be spending time in transit but this is the best way to secure accomadation etc.


This tour will be subject to availability of the Orca Tour and accomadation so get in quick to secure your spots.


In the event of cancelation of the Orca tour due to weather we will try to secure a second date or spend the extra time in Albany.

This tour is availble In January and Febuary, however weather can affect the Orca Tour.


This tour is subject to driver and vehilce availability. Minimum Group size 20, maximum group size 50


Price $1400pp Includes, Accomadation for two nights in Albany, Meals, Orca Boat Tour.


To book this tour please contact our office staff on:

Phone: 08 6185 1333